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What Does ‘Purified’ Mean to us at Modern Water?

Posted on February 27, 2024

You may be asking yourself, “Purified water? What do they mean by that?”

In this post we will go over how we provide water in its most purest state.

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Pure water can be defined in various ways by different individuals:

  • For some, it means water that comes from our taps.
  • Others may define pure water as water that has undergone a specific purification process, such as distillation or reverse osmosis, to remove all impurities.
  • Natural sources such as wells, rivers, and springs.
  • Additionally, purity can also refer to the absence of any additives or chemicals in water.

Ultimately, the concept of purity in our water is subjective, and its definition may vary depending on personal preferences and specific contexts.

At Modern Water, we take great satisfaction in the knowledge that our water undergoes a series of carefully planned stages, each serving a unique role in the creation of pure and wholesome drinking water.

The Purification Steps

We use a top of the line Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) Purification System.

Our Process undergoes these steps to end up with refreshing, clean, and healthy water :

  • STEP 1: AG Pre-Filtration – cartridge type, removes particulate matter down to 20 microns.
  • STEP 2: Pre-Carbon – an activated carbon cartridge filter that removes chlorine, chloramine, solvents, lead, insecticides, gasses, and other harmful contaminants. Works as a water softener, without the use of salt and drawing hardness particles together and crystallizing them. Includes an automatic back-washing system.
  • STEP 3: 5 Micron Pre-Filter – removes particles, sediments, and algae.
  • STEP 4: R.O. Pump – high pressure, stainless steel pump to boot water pressure to 150 lbs. for maximum membrane efficiency.
  • STEP 5: Reverse Osmosis Membrane – water is forced through a semi permeable, .0002 micron membrane, allowing only pure water molecules to pass.
  • STEP 6: Storage – water is stored in FDA approved tanks.
  • STEP 7: Re-pressure System – 20 GPM pressure pump assures constant water supply from storage tanks to post carbon filter, ultraviolet sterilizer, and faucets.
  • STEP 8: Pressure Tank – 32 gallon pressure tank assures a constant flow of water to the filler and prolongs pump life.
  • STEP 9: Post Carbon Filtration – water travels through a 4.5in x 20in coconut shell carbon block filter, polishing it for an exceptionally smooth taste.
  • STEP 10: Ultraviolet Sterilizer – stainless steel sterilizer eliminates up to 99.9% of all bacteria.
  • STEP 11: Ozone Purifier – ozone is added to water storage tanks to prevent future bacterial growth.
    First we measure our water in Total Dissolved Solids

    Using a TDS meter, water will contain 10 parts per million (PPM), The usual range in PPM of most waters is 100-300 PPM.1

    TDS meter Myth 1

    These solids are typically mineral deposits, such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

    We verify our water is within correct pH balance

    pH of water is crucial to be at the correct levels in order to be alkaline or at a neutral state. 2

    • Purified water runs at a pH of 7.0
    • Alkaline water measures at a pH of 9.0, this is 100 times more alkaline than base neutral.
      edq0OxrxR2G04ofu6ndx examples of approximate ph

      Our bodies need a balance of acid-base pH to help maintain good health! 3

      Drinking Alkaline can give these health benefits:

      • Antioxidation properties (anti-aging)
      • Improved Hydration
      • Aid for digestion
      • Boost to metabolism
      • Helps acid reflux and other gastrointestinal issues
      • Bone strength
      • Improve kidney health

      Our commitment is to make sure purified water, is actually pure. Knowing more about what we do, not only informs yourself about the water you buy, but lets you make conscious decisions about the sources you choose!

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      3. The Benefits of Alkaline Water ↩︎

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      This stuff is the real deal, awesome locally owned business. Friendly staff, great vibes, only place i get my water personally. Great selection of goodies as well. This water is the best 10/10.

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      I have the alkaline water and absolutely love it! The staff is great, the place is clean and has plants you can purchase as well! Ignore the negative reviews. This place is seriously the best (:

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      Best water n chillest people 💯

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      Cool place and amazing water